Website Members Area Live

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Articles, Club News

Over the course of April we have launched the members area of our Website.  All RBC members should by now all have received and email from with the subject “Your account at Redlands Boat Club is now active”.

If you have not received the email, check your junk mail folder. We have had feed back that this seems to happen on occasions.

Once you follow the links in the email and set your password you will get access to the members page.  If you have any trouble contact our webmaster, RBC member Adrian Watson.

We would like you to go to the “your profile” and “account” pages and check you personal, vehicle and boat details are correct.


We are working to improve our compound security processes and want to make sure we have vehicle and boat details up to date. Please ensure your details are correct to avoid any frustration accessing the compound.  We would also like you to check your fob number is correct.  If you have trouble updating your details or find them incorrect, you can also send and email to our secretary, Phil King.

We have had fairly manual processes in place for a number of years to maintain our membership data base an anecdotally we believe the records we have are a little unreliable. Even if you sent emails in the is a chance your records were not updated so please check your details – particularly that we have your access fob number correct.  As we improve our security processes the link between the fob ID and your vehicle and boat rego details will become increasingly important so was want to make sure we have member details correct so members don’t have issues accessing the compound.

You can also upload a picture of yourself and your boat against your profile as well as record your flare expiry date.


Have you ever wondered who are members of the RBC?

Another feature available to members is the ability to search or brows members name and boat names.  We have not made contact details visible to members at this stage but are keen to get feedback on this.

We hope you find the new website features useful and if you have any feedback contact the Publicity Officer or Webmaster.  We hope to add more member only features over time and would be happy to hear your views on what features are important to you.