Little Ship Club Dinner

by | May 22, 2016 | Club News, Destinations

On Saturday the 14th of May 2016 we ran our boating event being dinner at the Little Ship Club on North Stradbroke Island. We had 16 boats attend the event with 14 tied up to the 160 foot pontoon and 2 anchored up in the basin using tenders to come in.  5 boats left the RBC in convoy on the Saturday afternoon with another 5 already tied up when we arrived with the rest filtering in during the afternoon.

Everyone joined in for some pre dinner drinks and great conversation as the sun went down over the water.  We all went up for dinner at 6pm with myself being a bit late with 2 of my daughters catching the flyer over to join us for dinner.

After dinner we went back to the pontoon and sat around chatting with some after dinner drinks before retiring for the night in our boats. We used the club BBQ and had a big cook up for breakfast on the the Sunday morning.  A couple of boats had to leave early but most stayed for breakfast.  We all departed the Little Ship Club a bit after 9am with a few members heading to Peel to enjoy the rest of the fantastic weather and couple of members heading our for a fish with the rest of us returned to the RBC.

I do not know of any one who did not enjoy the night except for the people who woke up with a sore head that is.  The weather was perfect and Julie the manager at the Little Ship Club was very helpful and will welcome us back at any time.




Thanks for all those to attended, we enjoyed your company!

Mike Streets – RBC Commodore