Boating for Dummies 101: Part 2: Trailer Coupling Replacement

by | May 22, 2016 | Articles, Trailers and Towing

……an article by Dom Appay

My last article was on how to align your boat trailer axle as my boat trailer’s was out.

In this article I show how the trailer tow coupling needed to be replaced due to damage from jack knifing.

Close inspection of the tow coupling showed a few problems that I hadn’t noticed initially.  The last trailer owner put way too much grease on the coupling sliding yoke hiding a significant bend in it.


The coupling showed signs of heavy jack-knifing.

The coupling shaft was bent and was binding when braking.

It needed replacement to be safe again.


The front coupling bolts were severely pinched, or necked.

They were barely hand tight due to metal having stretched.

The two front bolts had hit the ground and the ends were bent. These damaged bolts were cut off.

The bolts were replaced with new ones.

I put on a new coupling.

New bolts were used and tightened correctly.

New Nyloc nuts were used.

The coupling was greased and road tested under brakes.

Braking was now smooth and the brakes released easily.

For my next Article I am going to focus on Where has your Boat been… seems mine had a few adventures before I met it….