RBC high Water Usage

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Boating

At RBC we work hard to make sure members have access to the best facilities possible and this includes our wash bay.

We have recently received a water usage warning for the Redlands Council highlighting that our water usage is above what is expected for a facility such as ours. Our usage has increased 3 fold in the last 12 months!

We have checked to confirm the water usage is not resulting from any leaks meaning the culprit is likely to be members washing boats.

Our Club By-Laws on page 13 outline usage of the boat wash-down area (repeated below):

The main wash-down area is provided for the use of members to enable them to quickly hose down their trailer after launching, hose down their boat and trailer after retrieval, or flush engine motors. Boats and trailers should be positioned within the wash-down area so any water run off discharges via the pit drain.

Use of the wash down area must be reasonable in the context of the volume of use of the pontoon/ramp at the time, and must not unduly inconvenience other members. As a guide a member should not occupy the wash-down area for any more than 5-10 minutes.

The washing of boats with detergents, or cleaning products, and or the detailing of boats in the wash-down area is not permitted under any circumstances. Reasonable use of the club’s water in the wash-down area is permitted in accordance with any general or specific water usage restrictions.

If the main wash-down area is occupied, and the ramp is not being used or occupied, a member may use the hose located beside the ramp gate, for wash-down purposes under the same conditions of use. If this area is used, members shall ensure that their boat and trailer are positioned on the boat ramp to ensure that excess water runs off down the ramp, and does not pool on the upper car park, ramp gate entry area.

Members are asked to please consider the amount of water they are using when washing their boats and are reminded to keep the water use to a minimum.  

If we are unable to get our water usage down, we will have to consider putting in place a water management plan to keep us with in the RCC guidelines.

Check our the RCC website on water conservation https://www.redland.qld.gov.au/info/20250/green_living/603/conserving_water