Thanks to Boating and RV

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Club News

The team from boating and RV provided an excellent tutorial on boating safety equipment and at trailer maintenance at our members meeting on Tuesday the 27th of October, 2015.



The boys provided a great overview of some new safety equipment including the Life Cell Trailer Boat Floatation Device. Life Cell Trailer Boat marine safety is a device designed to reduce the amount of lives lost at sea, by ensuring all safety equipment is contained in one place when abandonment is the only option. Unlike grab bags, Life Cell is designed to float acting as a secure hand hold keeping all crew together and a stable platform to assist in the deployment of flares and other safety equipment. Life Cell is a floatation device that stores all your essential safety gear including: Flares, V-Sheet, Whistle, Air Horn, Torches, Heliograph, VHF Radio and EPIRBs.



The guys then went on to provide a tutorial on trailer wheel bearing replacement on one of our members boats. Lots of questions were asked and members found the session very informative.

boating and RV

The guys from Boating and RV even gave the members in attendance a voucher for 15% discount on trailer parts.  I big thank you to the guys from boating and RV for a great session!