2022 Family Friendly Fishing Competition

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Club News, Fishing

Hello Members.

Come one come all, and join our Club Sponsored Fishing Competition.  Cash Prizes to be won. (See the attached flier for terms and conditions).

The competition runs for the Months of September and October 2022.

Entry is free to all financial Ordinary members of the Redlands Boat Club and their immediate Family and all Financial Social members.

There will be an inshore and offshore category for both adults and juniors.
(refer to terms & conditions for eligibility)

Offshore species will include

  • Snapper
  • Pearl Pearch
  • Parrot/Tusk fish
  • Amberjack/Kingfish
  • Spanish Mackerel/Wahoo

Inshore species will include

  • Whiting (all species)
  • Flathead (all species)
  • Bream
  • Grass Sweetlip
  • Tailor

1 species from each inshore and offshore category for Adults and Children will be drawn and then a secret length will determine the winner. All fish entered must meet the QLD minimum size limits for the species to be eligible. All fish are to be measured on a brag mat and length will be rounded up to the nearest cm. i.e. 41.5cm will be rounded up to 42cm.

All current financial ordinary members and their immediate family as well as all current financial social members are automatically entered into the competition. You can enter as many of the species and categories that you like (t&c’s apply). All entries must include photo date/time stamp and your membership card. All photos are to be sent to the events@redlandsboatclub.org.au email address.

Prize money

  • Adult off shore      $300.00     Junior $200.00
  • Adult Inshore         $300.00     Junior $200.00


Photo’s Should look like this: