2016 Couran Cover Overnighter

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Club News

The 2016 Couran Cover Overnighter was held on Sat 29th and Sun 30th October 2016.  This year resulted in a low attendance rate with only 5 boats attending and 12 adults.

A 9am departure from RBC with near perfect weather and water made for an early 1045am’ish arrival.  Most of the group settled in straight away for a coffee and cake at the newly opened Shingle Inn.

Lunch at the Poolside area resulted in a visit from the resident wallaby and resulted in camera phones snapping galore.  Many sought the opportunity to re-visit the surf beach and Anne Cooper rose to the challenge and dared herself to try and survive the seaplane trip from the Cove to the surrounding areas.  Late afternoon saw the usual wine’oclock gathering on the pontoon area and many thanks to all the ladies for providing a great array of nibbles and snacks – it was true feast with stories galore.

7pm saw a gathering for a group dinner back at the Poolside restaurant where the resident wallaby had a gastronomic delightful dinner including garlic pizza, lettuce, chicken, chips and anything else his cuteness convinced everyone to give him.

Some re-convened on the pontoon where Trevor H tried his fishing skills on the local bream.  Most left early Sunday except the Bowden’s and their interstate visitors, an early start Monday saw a trip back likened to the last voyage of the titanic with a full on 20-25K northerly making for a swell sea!

All in all a great weekend catch up attended by Gary & Andrea Bowden, Sue & Garry Graham (ring in’s from Melbourne), Terry & Anne Cooper, Trevor & Shirley Higgins, Peter & Maria Harris (well done Maria for your first Overnighter on the boat) Gartnett & Gayle Dickson and Greg & Maree Young & Son.

Hopefully next year we might have a greater interest, some photos show the great time had by all.