Take care of our Club Facilities.

by | May 2, 2017 | Club News

RBC has a strong membership of approximately 400 members, it is a private not-for-profit club and relies solely on joining and membership fees to remain operational and financial. RBC is over 40 years old now and exists to provide YOU its members with private boat facilities for you to enjoy boating in the bay.

Take care of the facilities, after all they are funded by YOU.

Think of RBC as a company of which you are a part owner. Each year you contribute fees to maintain the facilities in your company for your personal use and that of other contributors. Naturally, the more damage caused the more repairs and maintenance costs and the more each year you need to contribute to the fund to keep things in good condition! A very small number of you unfortunately don’t get this, and continue to recklessly cause damage to club property.

Pontoon Damage

The Pontoon

Recently, we replaced the pontoon buffer at a cost of $1800. Within 1 week, one of our members nosed their boat into the pontoon and punctured a hole in the pontoon cover and internal rubber, this was repaired at a cost of $600. We have seen further tears since in the pontoon cover and internal rubber, again not reported, no explanation but clearly caused by the anchor on the front of a boat. I have attached a photo above so you know what it looks like.

The message is simple, do not drive your boat nose first into the pontoon! It’s a simple message.

Rope Damage

Pontoon Ropes

We also replace the pontoon ropes regularly. Why you may ask? It’s simple – some of those amongst us, and I am sure you know who you are, do not undo the ropes before you leave the pontoon and they break, strip or fray. Hard to believe isnt it…forgetting to untie the ropes on the cleat! Some photos attached for you to look at. We also suggest you check your boat cleats as there is likely to be some damage.

Tangler Bin

Tangler Bins

The Tangler Bins are located near the pontoon gate and wash down bay. The Tangler Bins, are an environmental initiative for members to dispose of tangled or unwanted fishing line. They are NOT for the disposal of rubbish, drink cans discarded bait plastic bags. They are for the disposal of fishing line ONLY. Please, like everyone else take your rubbish home and dispose of it in your rubbish bin NOT the Tangler Bins. If you don’t know what they are photos also attached.

What Next?

The Club cannot continue to sustain repairs and replacement costs at this rate. The Committee is considering additional CCTV cameras to cover all areas of the ramp and pontoon area so we can easily identify those offending. Again though, this costs money, your money, which you have contributed to the Club.

The Committee has instigated mandatory membership suspension for any member who causes damage to Club property (and fails to report it) or breaches the by-laws concerning use of facilities and parking areas. In such cases, a membership will be suspended for 6 weeks – no correspondence entered into.

Please, look after our facilities they are yours, you pay for them. Don’t damage and destroy things recklessly – as you and every other member meet the cost of repair. We want you all to enjoy boating so please don’t destroy it for others.