How to login for the first time.

Login for the first time is for existing Redlands Boat Club members only.

Our new website login is extended to all current Social and Full Members only so this tutorial explains the procedure to take when login in after your existing membership account has been approved by the Secretary.


Please follow the steps below to reset your password so you can login to your account.

Step 1.

You will receive an email that announces “Your new web account is now ready.”

TIP: Copy or write down your username (Caps & lower case, exactly as it is in the email.)

Click on the “Lets get started” button – You will be taken to our “request to change your password” page.

Step 2.

Enter your USERNAME from step 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enter only the usersame that RBC supplied (do not enter your email address).

Click on the “Reset my password button”.

Step 3.

You will be directed to a  page that will confirm your request and ask you to check your email … a notification has been sent to your email.

Step 4.

Check your email for the “Password Reset” notification and click on the “Reset your password” button.

You will be taken to the password reset web page.

Step 5.

Enter and Confirm your new password then click on the “Change my password” button.

TIP: Dont forget to write your password and username down somewhere.

Step 6.

You should be at the login page.

You can now login. Enter your Username and Password and click on the “Login” button.

Congratulations: Now you have loged in for the firts time it’s easy to log back in anytime. Just clidk on the “Login” link at the top right of any page of the RBC website, enter your login details and get access to your Account and Profile as well as other Members Only content.
Check out our other help tutorials for editing and updating your Account and Profile.

“Existing RBC Full Members, if you have misplaced or not received your activation email you can notify the RBC Website Manager using the form below.”

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