RBC high Water Usage

At RBC we work hard to make sure members have access to the best facilities possible and this includes our wash bay. We have recently received a water usage warning for the Redlands Council highlighting that our water usage is above what is expected for a facility...

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Emergency Beacons Website

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority have a great website the outlines everything you need to know about Emergency distress beacons. Check out the website here There is also a really interesting Video on Youtube you can watch...

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Take Extra Care on the Water this week!

Ex-tropical cyclone Debbie has now passed but the hazard to boating remains. Post cyclonic weather creates a serious risks to safe navigation including missing or relocated navigation aids, changed water depths, stronger currents and submerged hazards washed...

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Compound Vehicle Movements

As we move into the busy time of the year, The RBC Management Committee would like to remind members of how our compound is designed to work. The diagram below shows how traffic is designed to flow in the compound. We have also recently had some issues with the fob...

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General Boating Safety Obligations

The Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 imposes a general safety obligation on all vessel owners and operators, masters and crew to operate vessels safely at all times. This responsibility includes making sure the ship is: safe properly equipped and...

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QRBC Update – EPIRB recall from GME

GME have issued a safety recall of some GME EPIRB models (PDF, 269 KB). Make sure you check if your EPIRBs are affected—Standards Communications Pty Ltd recalled its GME EPIRB units MT400, MT401 and MT4023 with serial numbers between 50101000 and 80250722. Produce...

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QRBC Update – Flare recall

Queensland skippers need to check their flares after a national recall of a red hand flare available across Queensland. Drew Marine Signal & Safety Australia Pty Ltd recalled its Aurora red hand flare with lot numbers from 3186 to 3260. This red hand flare is sold...

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