Social Media Policy

Redlands Boat Club ABN: 45 645 757 602

Published 19 May 2016

Redlands Boat Club may operate social media accounts for the broader benefit of its members.

RBC will monitor and update our account(s) during normal business hours Mon-Friday 9am-5pm (AEST)

RBC welcomes posts and feedback from our members however, due to time constraints and resourcing we may not always be able to reply to individuals and all messages we receive.

To contact RBC please email;

Terms of Use

RBC reserves the right to remove, refuse to publish material where in our opinion the information breaches the following guidelines;

  • the material is unrelated to the Clubs purpose
  • unauthorised material which purports to represent RBC’s opinion, position or views
  • comments are in our opinion abusive, aggressive, inflammatory, offensive or inappropriate
  • material which suggests illegal activity
  • material which infringes copyright or intellectual property rights
  • unauthorised commercial solicitations, advertisements or endorsements
  • comments or material posted by anonymous or robot accounts
  • unintelligent or irrelevant messages
  • material which is offensive or derogatory towards the club, its flag officers or management committee
  • material that breaches the Club’s, or an individual’s privacy
  • material which is politically, religiously or racially motivated

RBC may remove a member or follower who breaches our guidelines. RBC does not automatically follow individuals or organisations who follow RBC.

The appearance of a person or organisation as a follower of RBC does not imply endorsement of any material posted. Likewise, being followed by RBC does not imply endorsement by RBC of any kind.