Membership Application Submitted

Thank you for your membership application to the Redlands Boat Club.

So what happens now?

  • Check your email for notification of your pending application

Committee Approval

  • All membership applications are considered and processed by the Club’s Management Committee at the next conviened Committee Meeting
  • The Club’s Secretary will contact you by email to advise you of the Committy decision regarding the application

Membership Fee

  • Once an application is approved by the Redlands Boat Club Committee you will be required to pay the Membership Fee due. You can pay online, pay at the Club during Club opening hours or use our contact form to email our Secretary and arrange a convienient time to pay.


When do I get access to the boat ramp?

  • Membership rights to facilities and club activities are only activated when and if a membership is current that is Committy Approved and all Membership Fees due are paid.

When do I get my fob key, flag, membership card, boat & trailer stickers?

  • Fob keys, compound access stickers, membership card and current edition of our by-laws will be available from the clubhouse when and if a membership is current as explained in the previous question. Click here for our address.

How do I access my account details?

  • Once the membership is current you can login to our website using the login details you provided during your application. Please keep your details current.