RBC 2017/18 Management Reports

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Club News

Commodores Report

The Redlands Boat Club is moving into the next club year maintaining a strong financial position, which will aid in both major and minor works to be undertaken in future years.  The strong financial position of the club is thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of our long-standing Treasure, Phil King.  Phil will be standing down as treasurer this year after 30 years in the roll. Prior to taking on treasurer, Phil was Vice Commodore for one year and Commodore for two years. Phil’s commitment to the club has been nothing short of inspirational and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Phil for his years of service.  While Phil will be leaving the management committee, he remains a distinguished life member, so I look forward to continuing to see him around the club.

With the renewal of the lease for another 30 years, some major works have already been completed, such as the garden make over and a solar system installed to the club house. Ongoing maintenance work around the club building and grounds are conducted by means of well attended working bees organised and managed by Trevor Higgins.  The long-awaited dredging of the channel and basin area has been completed, with a depth of 2 metres at low tide at the pontoon. The rock wall project is still going through the approval processes, which has put any compound repairs on hold.

The first Friday night of the month the club is open to members and their guests for dinner and drinks.  The combination of a regular chief and good quality meals, has enabled the kitchen and bar to return a small profit. One of the main challenges with the Friday night is still trying to cater for fluctuating attendance numbers, in saying this, Vice Commodore Craig Davidson and his volunteers combined with Bar Manger Kylie Dawson and the volunteers behind the bar have done a great job to make Club night a success.

Boating events once again struggled due to a combination of bad weather and poor attendance this year.  Graham Wells has put his hand up to take on the role of Rear Commodore and is keen to get members involved in more events this year.

The communication to members through our web site, email and SMS reminders seems to be working quiet well thanks to the efforts of Doug Ross, Victoria Wells, and Adrian Watson.  Moving forward, other multimedia tools such as face book will be introduced so likeminded members can communicate between themselves and management can use it for advertising of events.

More members have been using the web site to update their details and pay renewals, which does help cut down the work load for members on management.

I would like to thank the ongoing support of the many committee members and the pool of dedicated volunteers that gave up their time to help to ensure that the RBC is kept to its high standard in its appearance and service to its members.

Safe boating,

Mike Streets – Commodore

Vice Commodores Report

The trading result for year the 2017-18 saw an increase in profit to $3901.11 from the bar and kitchen.  During this year, we have managed to secure a regular chef allowing better quality in food and service.  The Christmas function was well received with a good turnout of members and friends but throughout the year Friday night numbers still vary.

In departing the role of Vice Commodore, I would like to thank the management committee for their support and assistance.  During this time, it was great to see many of the management team supporting Friday nights.  Many thanks to members – Carolyn Marks, Graham Wells, Ken Mann, Glen Sutton, Don and Michelle Appay for all their help.

Kind regards,

Craig Davidson – Vice Commodore

Treasurer’s Report

The 2017/18 accounts have been audited by Bird, Walker, McDonald and Associates and are available for Members to view. The figures for 2017/18 show an operating profit of $40,814.23 which is up on previous years thus reflecting support from members. The Club is only open one night a month and if more members attended we could see a bigger turn-around in the trend shown this year. The trading figures of $3,901.11 is up on that of last year thus showing that the Club has been supported by members thus showing a small profit, however, we still need Members supporting the Club. Now the Club is only open the first Friday of each month (except January), this gives everyone a chance to come down and support the Club, after all there’s only 11 Friday’s nights available each year for you to support your Club over a 12-month period.

The Club is in a strong financial position with current cash assets of $590,059.33 which is up on the same period last year, our net assets are $894,136.47 with total income of $141,255.20 for the year which is up on last year’s trading.

This year we have been able to reach the limit of 400 members and have some 20 – 30 applications pending which we hope to be able to introduce into the club in early September. We have had several members formally resign and return fobs, however this year, any un-­financial members as at the AGM will have their access turned off and will be removed from the register after the AGM. Should a payment be received after the AGM and the current waiting list filled then consideration will be given to those who pay their fees.

I would like to express my thanks to the Management Committee for their support in making last year a financial success.

Phil King – Hon Treasurer.